Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

1]. Binance 

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Binance is the world’s most popular blockchain and cryptocurrency service provider with the greatest financial product suite that includes the largest digital assets exchange by volume. Binance is used and trusted by millions of people worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users, and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto.


2]. Hotcoin Global

Hotcoin Global

Hotcoin Global is one the leading world’s trusted and biggest blockchain digital asset trading Platform. This modern crypto platform offers hassle-free trading of different cryptocurrencies that include BTC, ETH, USDT , TRX and Other Crypto assets.

HOTCOIN Global is a well known digital asset exchange platform offers service globally, it is owned by Hot BlockChain Technology Co.,Ltd. that under the headquarters of Australia BITCOIN GLOBAL EXCHANGE PTY LTD. Our headquarters is located in Sydney,Australia, and we have the dual company licenses granted by AUSTRAC for digital currency trading & foreign currencies exchange.

Hotcoin Global is focus on the digital asset exchange trading services and blockchain technology innovative R&D, providing a more safe , convenient and faster digital asset exchange trading services for global users, we’re devoted to creating a world’s premier blockchain asset trading platform.

Hotcoin Global is one of the global biggest platforms for user growth service, with registered DAU users over 100 thousand worldwide, the daily active user is up to 200,0000+, and the trading volume is nearly $ 5 billion by every 24hrs.

Hotcoin Global

3]. Mandala Exchange 

Mandala Exchange

Mandala is one a giant crypto exchange platform serving a million of users with massive portfolio of cryptocurrencies, and it aims to become the most  secure and trusted digital asset exchange on in the world by allowing their users to trade cryptocurrency with confidence on an industry-leading exchange platform with access to the largest liquidity pool in the world and fees as low at 0.065%.

About security: Mandala is protected by Binance’s cutting edge security. SAFU, therefore Mandala keeps your funds safe and secure

Liquidity: This advanced exchange shares Binance’s liquidity, offering one of the largest liquidity pools in the world.

Learn how liquidity is important for tradable assets on Mandala

Plentiful Pairs. Access hundreds of cryptocurrencies and thousands of trading

 Mandala exchange official site:

4]. operates on a mission of making the world of finance more accessible, engaging and quite useful regardless of any circumstances.

With an intense focus on simplicity, ease of use, speed and power this modern platform aims to develop the best trading platform on the market. It is an ultra fintech company with a deep expertise in trading, markets, blockchain, technology, customer centricity and financial regulation.

Currently live in private beta to VIP blockchain experts in 4 languages English, Chinese, Russian and South Korean, and offering great customer service to accompany their available intelligent financial content, broad range of education and a wide range of markets for our clients to trade. Currency Com Bel is authorised and regulated by the High Technology Park in Belarus. Currency Com Gib is applying for a license under the DLT regulations in Gibraltar.

Experienced, talented and knowledgeable, team works to innovate in the world of finance and customer centricity. We do the hard work to make complicated subjects easier to understand and complex tasks effortless to achieve.

Their team is always looking for like minded people and are ready to seize the opportunity to cooperate with leaders in the financial ecosystem – Universities, Technology Partners, Innovators, Regulators or Complementary Businesses. Official Website

5]. CoinFLEX


It was established in 2019, CoinFLEX is the home of crypto yields. The platform offers innovative solutions such as flexUSD one of the world’s first interest bearing stablecoin — and AMM+, the most capital–efficient automated market maker for today’s investors.

CoinFLEX is backed by crypto heavyweights including Roger Ver, Mike Komaransky, Polychain Capital, and Digital Currency Group, amongst others. The exchange is dedicated to providing an easily accessible venue for users to earn and trade crypto with minimal friction.

CoinFLEX Official Website

6]. OKX


Founded in 2017, OKX is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchanges. OKX innovatively adopted blockchain technology to reshape the financial ecosystem by offering some of the most diverse and sophisticated products, solutions, and trading tools on the market. Trusted by more than 20 million users in over 180 regions globally, OKX strives to provide an engaging platform that empowers every individual to explore the world of crypto.

In addition to its world-class DeFi exchange, OKX serves its users with OKX Insights, a research arm that is at the cutting edge of the latest trends in the cryptocurrency industry. With its extensive range of crypto products and services, and unwavering commitment to innovation, OKX’s vision is a world of financial access backed by blockchain and the power of decentralized finance.

OKX Official site :

7]. HitBTC


HitBTC is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2013, HitBTC has been providing markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, USDT, and more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total.

8]. Coinbase Exchange


Why you need to use Coinbase?

Coinbase is considred the best exchange platform because it is one of the best platforms for beginners. This is one of our pick for best crypto exchange and best crypto exchange for beginners. It is also well known for its low trading fees, providing a large portfolio  of cryptocurrencies, and a high level of user security. In addition to being a beginner-friendly platform, Coinbase also provides an advanced trading platform—Coinbase Pro—making it a good option for professional traders as well.

Coinbase was established in 2012 with the main aim of helping people to easily and perfectly buy, sell, and store Bitcoin. Fast-forward to today, and Coinbase is a publicly-traded cryptocurrency exchange with a total market value of over $40 billion.

 Coinbase Official Site: 

9]. IndoEx


INDOEX is an advanced trading platform that is designed for experienced digital assets traders and specializes in Altcoins, Algos and Performance. INDOEX, the ultimate trading platform for digital assets, provides advanced exchange functionalities to allow users to buy and sell digital assets.

The order engine delivers pre-scan indicative pricing and users can choose to either fix the quantity of a digital asset or fix the price paid for every order. Whether to lock in a guaranteed execution or alternatively lock in the ultimate price you are prepared to pay for your order, the choice remains yours. These all relies on an order engine that achieves low latency performance along with the reliability of an exchange that has been verified in supporting millions of daily transactions. You can be confident knowing that INDOEX will dependably process orders in a fast moving market with both speed and efficiency

IndoEX official site: 

10]. Deepcoin


With profound knowledge of the risk-averse nature and innovative value of digital currencies, and deep understanding of investors’ demand for diversified asset allocation, Deepcoin specializes in digital currencies, and is committed to providing globalized and comprehensive financial services with digital currency at the core. With professional and high-quality services, we allow our users to enjoy greater financial freedom and achieve more diversified asset allocation by providing fair, safe and reliable investment opportunities.

Deepcoin official site:

11]. Upbit


Upbit is a financial firm with focus on leveraging technology in providing unique credit lending solutions in speciality markets. It also manages investment funds, in collaboration with a boutique asset manager, that provides investment opportunities in diversified and unique financial sectors such as crypto assets, consumer loans and precious metals. It was founded in 2017 and has offices in New York and New Delhi.

Upbit official website: 

13]. is a cryptocurrency exchange on a mission to Free the Money, Free the World. With our easy-to-use, reliable platform we enable anyone to start trading cryptocurrencies. We continuously add new assets to our more than 400 trading pairs, offer deep liquidity, 24/7 multilingual support and 100% uptime.

14]. CITEX

 CITEX Company has been founded in 1999 focusing on the development of office automation software and hardware, aiming equipment and promotion of organizations, institutions, companies, and educational centers using up to date IT tools. This company was formed by the participation of software engineers graduated from the University of Tehran and valued quality products, innovation, creativity and synchronization with the latest information technology. CITEX moves ahead relying on the values and purposeful planning to reach its goals in the local and global markets.

CITEX as the designer and developer of electronic voting systems automated the project of the eighth Iranian parliament election, hence it is assumed as the best company to implement automated election in Iran. More than 22 million votes were counted in 13 large voting centers on 11,000 computers via Citex electronic voting software. This project is the second biggest national IT project after “Smart Fuel Card”. This is only a sample of Citex capabilities and its SOMR (Scanner based Optical Mark Reader) software.

Over 2,000 large Iranian organizations and 200,000 students of big Iranian universities use Citex systems having qualification certificates and software ranking certificates from the High Council of Informatics of Iran.

Since CITEX has always focused on the latest IT technologies, it has started projects on the Fourth Industrial Revolution elements including Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nano Technology, Bio-Technology, self-driving cars, quantum computing, Internet of Things and especially Blockchain since 2015.

Now we provide blockchain-based solutions, Software platforms of online exchange and gateway based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, consultancy services related to investment on cryptocurrencies, implementing mining projects and holding training courses of fundamental concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

14]. FTX


Currently, there are many problems plaguing the top future exchanges: Clawbacks, Broken Liquidation Systems, Poorly Designed Products and Margin Wallets.

We are traders. We share your frustrations. In fact, we’ve written countless white papers and given hours of feedback to these exchanges, but to no avail.

Like you, we are very excited about the future of cryptocurrency, but immature exchange infrastructure has been holding this space back.

This is why we created FTX! Our mission is twofold – to build the best derivatives exchange and to help move this space toward becoming institutional!

We are strong believers in education, and we have been actively collaborating and engaging in dialogue with players in the ecosystem.

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